I’m a Yorkshire based artist/printmaker, specialising in drypoint and monoprint techniques. I work from my studio on the corner of Otley Street/High street in Skipton. The Studio/Gallery is open to the public by appointment. If you are making a special trip, please contact me to let me know you are coming and I will do my best to be in.

As well as selling work directly, I also exhibit in a variety of galleries across the UK. When I’m not in the studio, I can often be found stalking farmers and admiring sheep and cattle. My inspiration comes from the world around me – The changing weather and seasons, the animals in the fields, the birds in the trees, the farmers and drystone wallers at work.

“Anna Tosney is one of my favourite printmakers. I love her pared-down style and the way she manages to capture so much of her subjects with minimum embellishment. Many of her pictures are set in the Yorkshire Dales, where she grew up, and they showcase her ability to quietly observe and re-create expressions, gait and mood.”
– Sharon Dale, Gorgeous Yorkshire

You can find out all about my work, inspiration, forthcoming/past exhibitions and workshops by clicking on the menu pages above. Enjoy looking!

Printmaking Techniques

I have experimented a lot in the field of printmaking and have developed a method of monoprinting using drypoint and monotype techniques. I also sometimes work with collagraph plates. The ink I use is a soy based ink, making it kinder to the environment and to me!

What is a Drypoint?

To create a drypoint, a sharp steel tool is used to scratch directly into the surface of a printing plate (in my case plexiglass). A line is inscribed into the surface and a burr is pushed up, like the furrow of a ploughed field. The plate is inked up by rubbing thick printmaking ink into the lines. The surface is then wiped clean, leaving ink only in the scratched lines and the burr. When put through a printing press, this gives a black velvety line.

What is a Monotype?

A monotype is a one-off print, where an image is produced on a flat surface (plexiglass in my case) and then transferred to paper. The surface can be inked up using a roller and the image produced by selectively wiping away the ink with rags, brushes, scrapers or other items. Alternatively, ink can be painted directly onto the surface. The image can be printed with a printing press or by laying a sheet of paper directly on top and hand rubbing/burnishing the back of the sheet of paper.

What is a Monoprint?

A monoprint (often confused with monotype) has a single underlying image, such as an etched plate or a screen-print. In my case this is a drypoint plate. This is then made unique through the process of hand colouring or surface alteration to the printed image. A series of monoprints may be similar but no two are ever the same.

What is a Collagraph?

A collagraph is a print usually made from a cardboard plate. Textures can be created on the board by scratching into or scraping away the top surface, gluing textured papers or fabrics to the board or adding gesso or gel mediums. Anything you can think of to manipulate the surface texture. These collagraph plates can be printed using intaglio or relief methods.

Workshops in 2022

I am continuing to run printmaking workshops from my beautiful studio in central Skipton. Working with small groups, a maximum of four students per class, you will have the opportunity to learn the printmaking techniques I use in my own work and also experiment with other methods. (See the Technique page for more information)

If you are interested in taking part in a workshop, or if you are a group, individual or organisation who would like to hear more about private tuition, please contact me by email or telephone for more information. I will be more than happy to help.

2022 workshop dates coming soon.

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Galleries currently stocking my work

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